American Legion of Florida, Post 158

Treasure Island

April, 2020

As of March 12, 2020, Post 158 reached their 2020 membership goal of 310 plus 1. I would like to thank all the Legionnaires who renewed their 2020 American Legion membership through Post 158 and all the new members who joined Post 158 during the 2020 membership year.

Now for some sad news, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Post had to close on Wednesday, March 18th at 2:00 pm. The Post will reopen on Friday, April 17th , 2020. Therefore, all the events, games, entertainment listed in the calendar from April 1st to the 16th , have been either postponed or cancelled.

I would like to say Good Bye to our Northern Family Members of Post 158.  Thank you for your wonderful support. As always, it is greatly appreciated.

Finally, I along with the other Officers would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

The POW/MIA ceremony, which will be the reading of the names of the POW/MIA veterans who were repatriated during the month, will be held on Tuesday, April 28th, beginning at 6:15pm.

Visit the Post (starting April 17th ) and enjoy the company of your fellow members while participating in a few games, enjoying the food served by the Veterans Canteen and a couple of beverages of your choice.

For God and Country,

Daniel Poremba



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